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If you are considering debt relief and debt consolidation bankruptcy solutions call for a free San Diego, California appointment. Our law firm has been helping people resolve debt matters and consolidate debts since 1993. Free day, evening and weekend consultations and appointments are available.

Many simple low fee options may be available to give you a fresh start or lower your current monthly payments. Allowing you to create a budget you can afford. Help is available to stop creditors and end collection calls, wage garnishment, lawsuits, repossession, bank levy, foreclosure, taxes, and creditor harassment.

Debt consolidation in San Diego California and debt resolution alternatives include both debt consolidation under Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 and debt settlement, debt reorganization or debt negotiation. These options provide consumers with effective financial hardship solutions.

People are often confronted with temporary financial and debt difficulties they are unable to resolve or control. It may be the result of many factors including; medical bills, credit card debt, divorce, lawsuits, car repossession, wage garnishment, foreclosure, bank levy, taxes, creditor harassment and calls as well as increased living expenses or a loss of income. In some cases you may be able to eliminate credit card payments and reduce your car payment. Many people often need a fresh start and help with to much debt. San Diego California debt relief options often include debt consolidation bankruptcy and debt settlement, negotiation and reorganization. Credit counseling services are available. My office has been at the same location since 1993 and I have provided full debt relief services in San Diego California since 1991

Both Bankruptcy and non bankruptcy alternatives provide debt relief. These include chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 debt consolidation bankruptcy, or a chapter 13 wage earner plan, debt negotiation and debt settlement. Both can be very effective and inexpensive debt solutions allowing you to obtain a fresh start from debt in San Diego California and to live debt free again.

Debt Consolidation 

Debt consolidation under the Bankruptcy Code may allow you combine your debt into a monthly payment you can afford. The payment is based on your budget not what creditors demand and provides debt relief fast. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is often referred to as a debt consolidation, a wage earner plan, or a debt reorganization plan. Debt consolidation through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be available if you have sufficient and regular income to fund a plan. Debt consolidation through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can allow you to obtain a fresh start by reducing, consolidating or reorganizing the existing debt. A debt consolidation under Chapter 13 may allow you to repay certain debts in full and little or nothing to others. All or a portion of your debts are repaid through one affordable monthly payment. Call now for a free consultation regarding debt consolidation under Chapter 13.  

Debt Negotiation / Debt Settlement 

Debt negotiation, settlement or reorganization can be non bankruptcy alternatives which may allow you settle for less than the full balance owed on the debt. You may save money by reviewing these options. Debt negotiation can be an effective solution to obtain a debt settlement reorganize your finances and avoid bankruptcy.

Call for a free debt relief consultation in San Diego California for debt help. Weekday, weekend and evening appointments are available. My office is located near Horton Plaza where free parking is available. 


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  • Foreclosures
  • Bank account levy
  • Creditor harassment
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We provide a full range of legal representation on all debt related matters. Credit counseling services are available. We will listen to your situation  inform you of available options allowing you to chose which form of debt relief to pursue in San Diego California allowing you to live debt free and to begin restoring your credit rating.

Please call for more information regarding San Diego California debt relief, including debt consolidation bankruptcy and non bankruptcy alternatives or to schedule a free San Diego California Lawyer consultation. Weekday, weekend and evening appointments are available. Call now for a free consultation with Lawyer Scott A. Fleming. (619) 696-7444

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code.

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