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Bankruptcy and non bankruptcy alternatives are available for those faced with financial difficulties. Both can be very effective and inexpensive debt solutions allowing you to obtain a fresh start and reduce debt or lower payments.
 Bankruptcy / Debt Consolidation 

The Bankruptcy Code may allow you to obtain a fresh start, get out of debt and reclaim your financial independence. Bankruptcy can prevent and stop creditors including; creditor harassment, wage garnishment, lawsuits, repossession, foreclosure, bill collectors, personal loans, credit card debt and bank account levy, creditor phone calls and car repossessions. Common consumer bankruptcy options include Chapter 7 Bankruptcy often referred to as straight bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy often referred to as a wage earner plan, debt consolidation or a debt reorganization plan. Both Chapter 7 straight bankruptcy or a debt consolidation under Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may allow you to obtain a fresh start by eliminating or reducing reorganizing existing debt. Factors to be considered in determining whether to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 include; the debtors income, assets, dischargeability of the debts, secured property, the consumers intentions, whether the debtor is late or behind on car payments  and time and expense factors. 

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may be available if you do not have enough income to repay your existing creditors or to fund a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy plan. Under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy you are able to keep exempt property under the governing law. In many cases everything an individual owns is exempt.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy or a wage earner plan may be available if you have sufficient and regular income to fund a Chapter 13 Debt Consolidation Plan. You may be eligible to reorganize, consolidate and reduce your debt under a Chapter 13 Debt Consolidation Plan. The Debt Consolidation plan may allow you to repay certain debts and little or nothing to others. Often a automobile loan is reorganized and dealt with under the repayment plan.

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Debt Negotiation / Debt Settlement

Debt negotiation is a non bankruptcy alternative which may allow you settle your debts and bills for less than the full balance owed. It can be a solution to bill problems and past due debts. It may also be called debt settlement, debt reorganization, debt management or debt consolidation. The term my be used for many different options. An advantage of settling a debt or bill is you can avoid a bankruptcy filing depending on your facts. They involve negotiating with creditor regarding payment settlement of the bills.  

Debt negotiation can be an effective way to obtain a debt settlement and avoid bankruptcy. Debt settlement or debt negotiation and debt consolidation may involve credit counseling services, consumer credit counseling, negotiating payments or a lump sum payment for settlement of the debt for much less than balance owed. My office will review all options available to you allowing you to make a informed decision as to how to proceed.

Loan Modification

Loan modification may allow you to renegotiate your monthly mortgage payment, interest rate and or length of you loan. The lender may agree to change the terms of your loan to make payments more affordable to you. A loan modification can help you avoid a short sale or foreclosure. 

Whether you need bankruptcy or a non bankruptcy alternative, payment plans are available to assist you in debt reduction solutions and obtaining a fresh start . Call for a free consultation. Weekday, weekend and evening appointments are available. 


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